On Monday, April 11, 2022, eighteen Madison Rotary member came together and made 64 quarts of soup that was delivered to Homeless Solutions (homelessolutions.org) families the next day.  Four different kinds of soup - 16 quarts each.  We partnered with Soup Sisters (soupsisters.org) and a local Madison business, Healthy Italia.  This service project hit tow of our three Madison Rotary Causes, addressing food insecurity and partnering with other local organizations to make Madison better.  Feedback from the project was very positive and we are planning to make "soup making" and ongoing service project. So be on the lookout for our next Ladle out of Love and Give A Hug in a Bowl date and you too can stand behind the 64 quarts you helped make.  For more information contact info@njrotary.org or visit Madison Rotary website at madisonrotary.org