November is Rotary Foundation month! It's a good time to reflect on the great Rotary Foundation sponsored programs we support and on how each of us can contribute to make sure these programs continue.  Read More

Our Rotary Foundation sponsors a broad range of Educational and Humanitarian programs that save and change lives here and abroad including Polio Eradication, District Matching Grants and programs and projects within the realm of Rotary's Areas of focus around the globe.  These programs are the lifeblood of Rotary, creating world peace and understanding by touching lives and making the world a better place.  Ask any Rotarian who has visited or worked on an international project about the difference made by these programs - they will probably remember it as their Rotary moment!  
As Rotarians, we make contributions to The Rotary Foundation to fund Rotary programs. While our Foundation is quite healthy (one of the largest Foundations in the world), there is so much more we need to do. Your personal annual contribution to the Foundation fuels Rotary programs. A contribution to the Foundation is the best investments you can make with nearly 100% going to Rotary programs that save and change lives. 

Learn more about The Rotary Foundation by visiting and make contributions through MY ROTARY ... it's a simple online process and you can track your giving from the beginning ot your membership up to the present.  These programs work and are a great investment for a better and safer world.